Friday, August 17, 2012

Rick Ross Week: The Collabs IV

Just when you think Diddy is completely irrelevant, he finds his way back in a video dancing around.  How did he come back this time?  He pulled apart Danity Kane, inprisoned Dawn and an English chick and made them into a group- Diddy Dirty Money- (I am just kidding about the imprisonment).  They released an album (Last Train to Paris) to critical acclaim.  The single, Hello Good Morning, was a breakout hit for the group, landing at # 27 on the hot 100 and # 13 on the r&b/hip-hop songs charts, respectively.  I am posting 2 version: 1 featuring T.I. and 1 featuring Nicki Minaj.  Both featuring Rick Ross, of course.  

Featuring T.I.

Remix featuring Nicki Minaj

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