Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vocal Wednesday (11/20/13)

     Cory's Song is introducing a new segment!  I am naming it Vocal Wednesday.  I decided to start this segment because during the course of writing this blog about music (as you can imagine), I have been reading plenty of articles and looking at tons of interviews, performances, and other videos. One of my favorite new things that I have discovered in my research are these vocal range videos all over the place, showcasing the various singers of popular music's singing abilities.   I  now realize that I have  grown into a vocals nerd.  Now, I will share it with you here. 
     Vocal Wednesday will be once a month.  I still have to decide which Wednesday during the month it will be.  I was leaning towards the middle of the month, but now I am thinking about the last Wednesday of the month. 
     I will start things off with a video from one of my favorite Youtube channels, Angelfully.  In my opinion, she is the queen of vocal range videos.  I also enjoy her vocal battles, where she showcases 2 or more vocalists note for note.  Here's one of them now.  Its Musiq Soulchild vs. Maxwell...

Visit Angelfully on Youtube for more if  you don't want to wait until next month:

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