Friday, April 26, 2013

Jojo Friday: About Jojo

Jojo first rose to fame back in 2004, when her 1st single- Leave (Get Out) rocketed to #1 on Billboard's Pop Songs Chart, making her the youngest solo artist to have a #1 in history (she was 13 at the time).  After the success of her 1st album, she released her 2nd album, The High Road, which produced her biggest hit to date, Too Little Too Late (#3 Hot 100), and was certified Gold.  During interviews back then Jojo said she would put off making a 3rd album until she had finished High School.  Her 3rd album has been pushed back for years now, because she has had some legal issues with her label.  This has not stopped Jojo from performing, giving fans web exclusives, and releasing a few mixtapes to hold them over until she has finished with all of the madness.  Its quite a shame because Jojo has one of the sickest voices I have heard in a looooooooonnnnggg time!  She has really spent some time developing it while away.  

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