Thursday, October 24, 2013

TLC 20 Album Art + Track Listing

     TLC's biopic movie did very well.  It was one of the highest rated premieres of the year on cable television.  In conjunction with the film, TLC has released a soundtrack to the movie.  The soundtrack contains TLC's greatest hits and the new song penned for the movie, Meant to Be.  Please support our R&B legends.  I just looked on Billboard, it said the album debuted at # 72.  Not cool. On this same chart, Pearl Jam (which is a rock band, also popular at the same time as TLC) debuted at #1...  I'm not trying to be "in your face", I'm just saying, please don't forget about the legends...
     The album cover is a nice recreation of the cover to CrazySexyCool (the album)!  I dig it...

20 (2013)
Track Listing
  1. Ain't 2 Proud to Beg
  2. What About Your Friends
  3. Baby-Baby-Baby
  4. Hat 2 da Back
  5. Creep
  6. Waterfalls
  7. Red Light Special
  8. Diggin' On You
  9. Kick Your Game
  10. No Scrubs
  11. Unpretty
  12. Silly Ho
  13. Damaged
  14. Meant to Be

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