Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Good Music??? (12/18/13) R&B EP Update

     I have gotten really behind on my Good Music segments because they require so much writing and I haven't had the time to sit down and write, even though I love to do it.  Now I am on Christmas break and thought it best to catch up on some things on CS. 
     The title of this post is "Good Music???".  It  is not like the previous Good Music??? post, where I  said the music was not that good, but  because I am not writing an official Good Music review  for this music.  To be honest I have not listened to any of this music for the same reason I have not been able to write any Good Music post.  Its more or less just telling the readers that this music exist  (similar to when I post album art & track listing).  I am not your typical "music reviewer" in that I do not review music as soon as I listen to it.  I feel that I need time to digest the music.  Their is no set amount of time.  It usually takes me a long time to even listen to music.  As I have stated before, I can download some music one day, but not listen to it for months.  I feel that my process is the way it should be done in order to call it a true review and am not willing to waiver in that.  
     With that being said, I will now take time to put the spotlight on some of R&B's up-and-coming star's latest projects.

Omarion- Care Package 2 (2013) EP
Track Listing
  1. Still Love Her
  2. Between the Covers
  3. Leave You Alone
  4. You're the Only One
  5. Too Much
  6. Love Other Drugs
  7. Diamonds Hennessy featuring Audio Push
  8. Know You Better featuring Nipsey Hussle
  9. Tomorrow featuring Casey Veggies, Czar

Tiara Thomas- Dear Sallie Mae (2013) EP
Track Listing
  1. Dear Sallie Mae
  2. 4Dolla Bill
  3. Tell Me Something
  4. Gang Signs
  5. Popular
Leigh Bush (Sammie)- The Leigh Bush Project (2013) EP
Track Listing
  1. Ms. Bartender (Intro)
  2. Ms. Bartender
  3. Dancer
  4. Passionately
  5. Free Falling
Jhene Aiko- Sail Out  (2013) EP
Track Listing
  1. The Vapors featuring Vince Staples
  2. Bed Peace featuring Childish Gambino
  3. Stay Ready (What a Life) featuring Kendrick Lamar
  4. WTH featuring Ab-Soul
  5. The Worst
  6. 3:16 am
  7. Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)
Sevyn Streeter- Call Me Crazy But... (2013) EP
Track Listing
  1. Come on Over
  2. It Won't Stop featuring Chris Brown
  3. Sex on the Ceiling
  4. Call Me Crazy
  5. B.A.N.S.
  6. Shattered
  7. nEXt
Omarion's Care Package 2 is a free download.  Everything else is available now.


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