Thursday, May 15, 2014

Just Music: Danity Kane featuring Tyga- Lemonade

     Plenty of payoff for loyal, long-time fans of artist that have been on, shall we say "extended vacation"  this week.  Several artists that have been out of the public spotlight for years have premiered new singles.  Now Making the Band's Danity Kane can be added to the list. 

The "New" Danity Kane

     Danity Kane was a group manufactured by MTV's Making the Band and consisted of 5 girls.  About 6 years ago, the group's creator, P. Diddy, infamously disbanded the group.  The girls went on to work on various solo projects until late 2013, when the group reunited on their own terms.  However, 1 original member, D. Woods, did not re-join the ladies.  Still, the remaining 4 marched on and went to work on new material.  

Welcome to the Dollhouse (2008)

     Now, fast-foward to today, here is Danity Kane's latest single.

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