Friday, July 19, 2013

Syleena Johnson Friday

Syleena Johnson
     I chose to spotlight Syleena Johnson for the same reason I choose to spotlight the other artist that I have: I feel she is highly underrated.  Since she is apart of the R&B Divas cast, it just makes sense to me to do it now.  Plus, she is from the Chi-town...
From the show, I learned that Syleena Johnson is the daughter of Blues singer, Syl Johnson, so it is no suprise where this woman gets her soul from.  I mean this woman IS soul!  If you have never heard her sing, you are truly missing something special.  Her voice is so unique, and like I said before, soulful.  She is best known for singing the hook on Kanye West's breakout single, When it All Falls Down.  Few people know that she has done so much more.  She has released 6 solo albums, and she writes most of the songs on these albums.  She joins the cast of R&B Divas to get the word out...Listen up, people.

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