Saturday, September 8, 2012

On the VMAs...

Ok, so the VMAs were Thursday and I haven't blogged about them yet so let's get to it.  I actually just watched the VMAs today.  I was away from a tv at the time.  I tried to watched them on the internet, but that was a no-go. They kept showing me all of these crappy views from the audience and crap, then switching to the stage for snippets.  It was like MTV was trying to torture me, so I turned it off.   I've  been reading everyone else's comments and blog post and all of that, but I had to stop that too, because it was making me angry, not having seen them myself.  Anyway, I saw a lot of negative comments about some of my favorite performers and how horrible they were so I was ready to see them for myself and make my own opinion.  I have to keep in mind that these comments are bias.  First off, on the pre-show, Demi Lovato performed her song Give Your Heart a Break.  I love this song and have posted it on my blog (see Just Vids: Demi Lovato- Give Your Heart A Break).  Lots of bloggers were panning other well established artist (Nicki Minaj) and declaring that Lovato was great and it was a crying shame she didn't perform on the main show. 

    Demi Lovato takes home the VMA for Best Video with a Message

  1. Although Demi Lovato has been on Disney movies and such, she is just beginning to gain radio popularity.  Pre-shows are to showcase up-and-comers (such as Demi Lovato). 
  2. Demi Lovato's performance was not that great... It was disappointing to me.  I feel llike she sings really well, but on this performance, it sounded like she was having trouble controlling her breathing.  I also didn't like that crappy mix they did.  I would much rather just hear her sing the song in its original mix and Demi just ripping  those long notes. 
Congrats, on her win though...
     Rihanna opened up the VMAs with a medley of Cockiness with A$AP Rocky & We Found Love.  There were also plenty of people who had something to say about this.  I did like the Cockiness part.  It kind of put me in a mindset of Aaliyah One in a Million.  (Just the beat and the way Rihanna was dancing, I guess).  However (though it saddens me), I would have to agree with them (haters).  I did not like We Found Love and I never do when she performs it live. She never hits the right notes in my opinion. But, (as you know) I am still team Rihanna all the way!!!

Another disappointing performance for me, was by Alicia Keys.  Unlike them (haters) say, it did not suck.  It wasn't her best VMA performance, let's just say that. 
     Now, on the up side of things- I was surprised by several of the performances! Pink's performance of Blow Me (One Last Kiss) was pretty cool.  Taylor Swift also performed We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.  She shocked me probably the most of all.  She performed with plenty of uncharacteristic attitude that I have never seen before, and threw back her head and belted a couple of times (Nice!)   I enjoyed Green Day's performance, too, which was shocking (I am not that much of a rocker).  The other thing that surprised me was 2 Chainz.  I have been trying my hardest not to like him (I have put him in the category of what I consider, an idiot rapper), but its becoming hard.  The song he performed (Yuck), had a decent verse.  My 2 favorite performances of the night:  One Direction performed One Thing, they did a great job singing, I really appreciate great LIVE vocal performances.  Then there was Frank Ocean...  Frank Ocean, was hands-down the BEST performance of the night! This man gave a flawless rendition of his single Thinkin' Bout You.  He showed off his vocal prowess and falsetto range in a very simple performance (only accompanied by guitar), putting me in the mindset of Adele performing Someone Like You last year.  Frank Ocean was the 2012 Adele of the VMAs. 

The Winners:  Well, I guess I am not a fortune teller...I was 1 for 3. Rihanna won Video of the Year.  Nicki Minaj won Female Video for Starships and Chris Brown won Best Male for Turn Up the Music.

Watch the VMAs from start to finish and see the complete list of winners:

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