Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Work Jamz!!!: Priscilla Renea

You know I find the music in everything I do and everywhere I go, so I just had my first job at a certain restaurant.  Now it isn't the greatest job in the world and of course the pay is bad too.  I have not worked there in several months now, but one of the great things I will always remember about working there is that  it had this jukebox and it played music all day.  Even if the place was crowded, people were making complaints, or they were running me  ragged, I could always cool down with the music in the background.  The jukebox always played plenty of songs that I had never heard before.  I wanted to just share does songs with you here.  I am calling it Work Jamz. 

Priscilla Renea (Whoa There!)

So first  up, are some songs by a girl named Priscilla Renea. I thought she kind of sounded like TV personality LaLa if she was a singer.   I had no idea who she was until I heard her songs on the jukebox at work.  So it turns out she got her start as a youtube star.  Then she went on to MTV's Say What? Karaoke.  It was on that show she got discovered and she eventually signed a recording contract.   

LaLa (who PR sounded like to me. ps, look at LaLa! Whoa there!)

Priscilla Renea released her debut album, Jukebox, at the end of 2009 to critical acclaim (and unfortunately, low sales).  I like her songs, though, so check them out here are the songs that played at work- 1. Dollhouse- the album's lead single and 2. Mr. Workabee- from the album.

Jukebox (2009)

Check out Priscilla Renea's websites:

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