Thursday, June 27, 2013

Good Music (6/27/13)- Child Star Edition

     I want to tell you about some great R&B I have been listening to.  R&B artist have really been trying to step up their game.  Doing reality shows, releasing mixtapes, etc... Finally realizing what its going to take to interest  this "youtube generation" that we are. 
I have been listening to some mixtapes from a few artist that we have seen in the past, but have disappeared on us for a long time.  I think they did a wonderful job on these releases and their just about as good as people's albums.  (This doesn't really come as a surprise, unlike a rap mixtape, R&B artist just can't throw something together so to speak.  Singers have to make sure things are right.  Make sure they're hitting the right notes, make sure their harmonies are right, and all that).  I am talking about Tiffany Evans and Sammie.  They both reached success as children, and I guess both took breaks to grow a bit.  They both released mixtapes (Tiffany calls hers an EP) in the last year, 143 and Insomnia, respectively.   I can't complain much about either.  I liked them both.  They were both bringing the vocals, and I appreciate that.  Tiffany has serious pipes!  I'm talking on a Mariah level!

143 (2013)
Insomnia (2012)
     Since I talked about child singers in this post, I decided to include another EP that I discovered from Omarion.  Its titled Care Package and he released it at the end of last year (2012).  "Why did I separate it?" you ask.  Because unlike 143 and Insomnia, which I enjoyed, Care Package, was not as good to me.  I was really enjoying the singles he had been putting out recently.  I felt they were different than other songs out right now, so I thought on the EP it would be some more good music.  However, I just couldn't get into it.  The vocals sounded distorted, like he was singing in a chamber or Outer Space (like there was an echo), and nothing bothers me more than off vocals. I feel they are  the most important part of any song.  It was, eh... There is a song that stood out to me, Admire.  It features a rapper named Problem and Tank.  I love that song. 
Care Package (2012)
   So, boys and girls, in conclusion, Tifanny Evans' 143 & Sammie's Insomnia- Very Good...
Omarion's Care Package- Just Alright (eh).
   All 3 of these mixtapes (or EPs) are available for free download.  Check them out.  Maybe you will like Care Package more than I did.

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