Friday, June 14, 2013

Luke James Friday: Luke James Discography

To date, Luke James has released 2 mixtapes, #Luke and Whispers in the Dark.  They are both great!  His voice, I must say, is top notch.  He brings an old school soul approach to his vocal stylings, but at the same time, the music sounds very  current.  Luke James is an accomplished songwriter so  the lyrics are good as well, which I can really appreciate.  I have listened to both of them, but I am not as familar with Whispers in the Dark (the latest one)  just yet.  I have listened to some of the songs a couple of times and I did enjoy them, but I have been listening to #Luke alot more.  It takes me along time to listen to music.  I just get it and it might just be on my phone for months, because I get addicted to a couple of songs and just have them on repeat.   With all that being said, I would suggest getting both.  They are both great music.  Soldier and Signs of Rain (from #luke) are in constant rotation over here.

#Luke (2011)
Whispers in the Dark (2012)

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