Monday, August 26, 2013

CrazySexyCool August: Creep Alternate Video

Did you see this? TLC often recorded several versions of their music videos.  TLC recorded 3 different versions of Creep, finally choosing the final one that we know and love today.  Earlier this year, one of the other versions was released.  It had a similar look to the videos on their 1st album. Thankfully they figured it out and took a whole new direction with the last video, which ultimately re-invented the group, and made them super sexy.  This video follows the storyline of the song more closely, which I personally don't like.  It includes Chilli dating the male version of herself, and TLC "hittin' it" (dancing their butts off) in the alley, instead of in the studio.  The quality is not very high.  Left-Eye mentioned this in several interviews. 

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