Friday, August 30, 2013

CrazySexyCool August: Fanmail

     TLC took a long musical hiatus after the release of their 2nd album, due to a number of different obstacles, including their infamous bankruptcy and music business politics like arguing with producers.  However, they got through all of that and finally got back in the studio to record in 1998.  The result was their 3rd album, Fanmail.  Fanmail, as the title suggests, was dedicated to TLC's loyal fans and was released in 1999.  It became another huge success for the trio, selling 11 million copies worldwide.  Even though it was released just about 9 months before the year 2000, it still managed to rank in the top 100 of Billboard 200 Albums of the Decade (# 84).  It also earned TLC 8 Grammy nominations, including R&B Album of the Year, which they won, in 2000. 

Fanmail (1999)

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