Friday, July 27, 2012

Miguel Friday: Quickie

When I first heard Quickie I did not know it was sung by Miguel.  He sounded completely different than  on the songs I had heard by him before.  This song kind of blew my mind. I thought it was really different than anything I had ever heard and who ever is singing it is going to be BIG! It was like: What is this amazing tune coming through my car radio?  I was hooked.  It was  the only song I played for about 2 weeks  when I finally found out its name and downloaded it.  Don't you hate when you hear an amazing new song, and it only comes on like once a week at first, and the dj never says the name of it.  Its the most infuriating thing on Earth!  Anyway,  I just watched the video and it put him on a creative video making level of Kanye West or Rihanna to me.  It was a racy video.  This song went to # 3 on billboard's top r&b/hip-hop songs chart. 

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